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  Hand-shaped websites for local not for profit businesses


Just like every surfboard, every website has a different shape to create a different experience for it's users. Let us help you get the right site for your goals. Let's surf (the web) together.

We are a website development agency with a focus on providing affordable resources to the community, small businesses and local non-profits to create modern, customer centric, transformational web platforms.

We believes in putting your users first at all digital touch points. With deep backgrounds and education in web development and online business, we can identify your audience and craft a customized digital experience for them. When acquiring new customers it's important that you offer a modern digital presence that matches the quality of goods and services your business provides. Let us help you create and manage your site, as well as improve your SEO, create email newsletters and build a blog platform for you to stay engaged with your customers in real time.  


01. Design

We can work together to identify who your audience is and go through a template selection process to find the right digital look for your brand.

02. Development

Full stack web development services on multiple platforms including SquareSpace, Shopify & Big Commerce. From basic content to fully functional online stores.

03. Digital Marketing

We can help you put together a digital marketing strategy to build an email newsletter, improve SEO and learn to advertise on search and social media.

04. Operations

We can help you build and train you on a platform that you can continually update. Create blogs and campaigns to engage with your audience with no coding expirience required.


“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”

Phil Edwards  |  legendary surfer